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Calories Counter

Your personal food and exercise diary.
Version 2
Mac OS X 10.7 +

Calories Counter is your personal food diary, a powerful and easy to use tool that will help you to reach your goals: if you want to lose weight, gain weightor keep fit this is the app for you. You can track what you eat and your workouts, record your weight and see your progress thanks to the charts, all in a simple and pleasant interface.
☆ Database of foods with over 9000 entries
☆ Metric, Imperial/American and SI units
☆ Track your weight every day
☆ Estimate when you will reach your goal weight


Version 2
June 11, 2013

Now Calories Counter requires OS X Lion 10.7 or greater.
Redesigned user interface (supports Retina displays).
Track your weight.
Daily energy/nutrients charts.
Long term charts of your weight and energy intake.
Edit and duplicate meals.
Drag & Drop support.
Undo/Redo support.
Food database enhanced: now with 9000 entries.
No more limited to store meals and exercises for 7 days.
Export meals and weight readings to CSV files.
Create and restore backups.
Welcome Window.
Better memory management.
Added a calendar to quickly move between days.
Favorite foods are now searchable.
Added keyboard shortcuts.
Use the decimal separator set in System Preferences.

Version 1.2.1
September 12, 2011

Fixed a bug that didn't clear foods after a week.

Version 1.2
August 31, 2011
New feature: Favorite foods list! If you like a food, you can now save it to a list and use it whenever you want without typing nutritional values again.

Version 1.1
August 11, 2011
Now Calories Counter has a database of foods! With over 7500 entries it will be easier to record your meals.