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Calories Counter is your personal food diary, a powerful and easy to use tool that will help you to reach your goals: if you want to lose weight, gain weight or keep fit this is the app for you. You can track what you eat and your workouts, record your weight and see your progress thanks to the charts, all in a simple and pleasant interface.
☆ Database of foods with over 9000 entries
☆ Metric, Imperial/American and SI units
☆ Track your weight every day
☆ Estimate when you will reach your goal weight



How do I change my weight goal?

Open the Preferences window (Calories Counter menu > Preferences...) and click the Goals tab.

How do I choose a energy goal?

Make sure you have set your target weight in Preferences (Calories Counter menu > Preferences... > Goals) or in the Welcome Window. Click the ? next to the Daily energy goal field to see your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Now, if you set a goal equal to your BMR and consume that amount of calories daily, you will maintain your current weight. If you set a goal sufficiently greater than your BMR you will gain weight. Otherwise you will lose weight.

With your current weight, target weight and daily energy goal, the app estimates how long it will take to reach your goal.

How do I log my weight?

Go to the Home View (press ⌘-1), click Today and adjust your weight with the plus and minus button on the sidebar. Long press a button to quickly increment/decrement.

How do I add a food?

Go to the Home View (press ⌘-1) and click the plus button next to the meal (Breakfast, Lunch... etc.) you want to add the food to.

Now, type the name of the food you ate in the search field. If you don't find anything, try to remove the brand name or type the generic food name (e.g. eggs, milk, pizza...). See also: How do I create a product?

Click on a search result, then choose a serving size. If you know the exact amount in grams choose "100 g" from the popup menu, then type a multiplicand (e.g. if you ate 60 g, type 0.6).

Finally, click the Add button.

TIP: If you press ⌘-N the app will try to guess the meal for you.


How are the statistics inside the pie chart computed?

Burned = Energy burned in activities and workouts

Consumed = Energy intake from meals

Total = Consumed – Burned

Goal = Your energy goal set in Preferences

Remaining/Over goal = |Total – Goal|

TIP: You can click the pie chart to scroll through the data.

What are the colored bands in the weight graph?

The weight chart shows also some colored horizontal bands: those are the BMI categories and can be hidden from the Preferences window.

Band color BMI category

e.g, if a point is over the green background, your BMI is Normal.

TIP: On the weight chart you will see a point only at the days where your weight was recorded. Click any of these points to change the label from weight to BMI and vice versa.


How do I create a product?

A “product” is a homemade food or a food that isn't in the database. First choose File > New Product... and enter the product name. If you have the nutritional values, simply fill the form and click Save. You will find this new food inside the Add Food Popover.

Be sure to enter a numeric value inside the serving field (e.g. 1 cookie, 50 ml, ...) so the app will be able to calculate custom portions when you'll add this food to your diary.

If you want to add a homemade food, click the second button on the bottom left corner of the window, then add the ingredients one by one.

Click the first button to open the online food database.

How do I remove a product?

Choose Edit > Delete a Product..., click the product on the table, then press Delete.

How can I print/export my meals and weight measurements?

Choose File > Export > To CSV Document, save the file and open it with Excel or Numbers.


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