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Free up memory
and speed up
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Version 2.1
macOS 10.10 +
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Flush Memory is a must-have tool that will free up RAM on your Mac. Every time you close an app, some memory it used is converted to inactive memory and when the RAM is full, the system slowdowns: processes become unresponsive and you have to wait or do a force quit. To avoid this, with Flush Memory you can free up some memory without closing apps or rebooting your system.

Animated status bar icon NEW!

Now the drop in the menu bar shows the amount of free memory: if it's almost empty, then you have enough memory, otherwise it's time to start the cleaning.

Notification Center Widget NEW!

The new version brings a Notification Center widget, so you can see at a glance how much memory is used.

Identify memory hungry apps NEW!

Some software can consume a lot of memory. Now you can find out which are these applications on the main window.

Monitor your memory usage

Read how much free, active, wired and inactive memory is using your computer. Long press the statistics on the main window if you prefer to see percentages instead of MBs.

Automatic cleanings

Turn on this feature and forget about Flush Memory! When there isn't enough free memory it will start the cleaning for you.

We need you!

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Version 2.1
March, 2015
- Press and hold the Option key while the app's status menu is open to show percentages.
- All numbers use now the decimal mark set in System Preferences.
- Fixed a bug in preferences where the alarm preview had the wrong voice.
- Fixed an issue where the main window did not show the amount of freed memory.

Version 2
March, 2015
- Redesigned UI, Yosemite & Retina ready.
- Animated menu bar icon.
- Automatic cleanup now uses Notification Center (therefore alerts can be disabled!).
- Long press the statistics to show percentages instead of GBs.
- Now you can see which applications use a lot of memory.
- Notification Center Widget.

Version 1.1
February 14, 2012
- Added the option to hide the dock icon [user's request].
- Added the option to flush memory automatically when low [user's request].

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